Fiat Gateway

The fiat gateway will allow users to easily invest in crypto funds using our platform. This feature gives users the ability to purchase Ethereum and swap to PLE Token directly within the platform.
Our long-term plan is to incorporate traditional finance services starting with the integrated fiat gateway on our platform. We realize the obstacles to wider user adoption of DeFi projects fundamentally because of the complexity in having to understand the functional workings of entities such as Uniswap, fees, gas limits, contracts etc. just to make a purchase. Even though decentralization gives the public ownership of their assets, they still choose to use traditional financial products because they are simple to understand and use. We look to create the smoothest experience on our platform from fiat to our token to investing in our funds, all done relatively quickly and seamlessly within the platform. We have a large network of crypto related partner projects and we are prospective that through these connections to projects that are building mirrored assets, we will eventually offer traditional finance assets such as stocks, bonds and currencies whilst remaining completely decentralized.