ETFX - Public Funds

Plethori V1 Platform
The Public Investment platform will have various categories (oracles, Polkadot, insurance tokens, small caps, large caps) where users can buy into the available exchange-traded funds. The current landscape in cryptocurrency is driven by narratives and our ETFs will allow users to invest in these driving forces of innovation such as NFTs and decentralized oracles.
Users will be able to access the platform using the PLE token and the platform acts as an exchange where the ETFs can be bought and sold, and limit orders can be placed. This allows users to trade ETFs made up of portfolios of tokens and will benefit them immensely as they will be able to invest in entire industries whilst saving on gas fees. The transaction fees of buying multiple assets in an industry are usually multiplied by the number of assets purchased (e.g., A user would pay averagely five transaction fees to invest in five separate assets).