Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The system is not just limited to a leaderboard ranking by performance. There are also levels in which users and fund creators can level up as their funds perform well. As fund creators level up, they gain perks on the platform in the form of NFTs. These NFTs will be awarded based on milestones achieved. In other words, “NFT-incentivized performance”.
For example; A fund manager with five consecutive funds gaining 25% or reaching top 20 in the leaderboard would be awarded NFTs.
These NFTs essentially act as badges for performance and holding them gives users fund creators different perks such as access to higher leverage on trades, not only on our platform, but on other partner project platforms.

The gamification of ETF investment is a crucial organic element to the PLE Token’s value.

NFTs on the Plethori platform would serve the following purposes;
  • Given out based on milestones reached
  • Act as badges based on achievements and rankings
  • Rare perks with attributes that give benefits on our platform and other partner projects platforms
  • A tradeable asset